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Die Olsenbande fährt nach Jütland (1971)  

Nummer: 495

poster Die Olsenbande fährt nach Jütland

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7.2/10 (1231 Stimmen)

Land: Denmark, 101 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch, Dänisch

Genre: Komödie, Krimi

Regisseur: Erik Balling

The Olsen gang in Jutland. Ones again Egon Olsen has a plan when he gets out of Vridslose State Prison. He has found out that the Germans left a large sum of money (in American dollars and gold bars) in one of their commando bunkers, when they were defeated in 1945; the only problem it's in Jutland. Egon, Benny and Kjeld "appropriate" a car and drives to Jutland along with Kjelds wife and child Yvonne and Borge. They look forward to fooling the the people in Jutland, but of course, things don't go quite as planed. It ends with Benny, Kjeld, Borge and Yvonne sitting in the train back to Copenhagen, were they are overtaken by Egon in his car on the road next to the track. This is the last time the Olsen gang goes to Jutland.

Morten Grunwald (als Benny Frandsen), Ove Sprogøe (als Egon Olsen), Poul Bundgaard (als Kjeld Jensen), Kirsten Walther (als Yvonne Jensen), Helle Virkner (als Karina)