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Fünf Freunde (2012)  

Nummer: 2238

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5.5/10 (361 Stimmen)

Land: , 93 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch


Regisseur: Mike Marzuk

The Famous Five Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy (the dog) spend their vacation together, while George's dad (Professor Quentin ) is staying on a nearby island where he works on a project which might bring forward new methods of using alternative energies. But one day, he disappears and the five friends are soon convinced that he was kidnapped. Determined to rescue Professor Quentin, they not only have to deal with thugs and gangsters, but also uncover a huge conspiracy.

Armin Rohde (als Polizist Peters), Johann von Bülow (als Polizist Hansen), Anatole Taubman (als Agent Peter Turner), Elyas M'Barek (als Tierfilmer Vince), Alwara Höfels (als Tierfilmer Luna)