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Blutsbrüder (1975)  

Nummer: 1916

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5.2/10 (166 Stimmen)

Originaltitel: Blutsbrüder (Originaltitel)

Land: East Germany, 100 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Drama, Western

Regisseur: Werner W. Wallroth

An Indian village is attacked by the American army. The Indians are cruelly killed. One of the soldiers called Harmonika is disgusted by the murders of the innocent women and children. He decides to leave the army. He goes to live with the Indians and falls in love with an Indian woman. He becomes a friend with Harter Felsen, one of the bravest Indians. He understands that they are not beasts and he respects them.

Gojko Mitic (als Harter Felsen), Dean Reed (als Harmonika), Gisela Freudenberg (als Rehkitz), Jörg Panknin (als Joe), Cornel Ispas (als Big Fred)