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Halo: Nightfall - Staffeln 1 (2014)  link to trailer on IMDb

Nummer: 1637

poster Halo: Nightfall - Staffeln 1

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5.7/10 (4327 Stimmen)

Land: , 30 Minuten

Filmsprachen: Deutsch

Genre: Action, Abenteuer, Science-Fiction, Thriller

Regisseur: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan

In the 26th Century, the prolonged war between humanity and the fanatical alien alliance the Covenant has ended with a tenuous treaty. Despite the ceasefire, Earth's outer colonies remain vulnerable to the Covenant's covert intrusions. The ONI - Office of Naval Intelligence has been tasked with counterintelligence to beat the Covenant. In Planet Sedra, Commander Jameson Locke and his team witness a Covenant's spacecraft and a Zealot Elite warrior disembarks with a bomb. They unsuccessfully try to stop the alien that explodes the bomb in a mall. They realize that it is a biological attack with an element fatal to humans. Sedran Commander Aiken captures the middleman Axl that tells that the element is obtained from Alpha Halo, where the day longs 16 h and the temperature in the sunlight reaches 482o C. Aiken, Locke and his team head to Halo in the spacecraft Condor with pilot Macer carrying a Havoc weapon to destroy the place. On the arrival, they find two terrorists but are trapped in ...

Steven Waddington (als Aiken, 5 Episoden, 2014), Mike Colter (als Locke, 5 Episoden, 2014), Christian Contreras (als Ramos, 5 Episoden, 2014), Jonathan Harden (als Axl, 5 Episoden, 2014), Sarah Armstrong (als Gaines, 5 Episoden, 2014)